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Yoshimura RS-3 Slip-ons for Suzuki Hayabusa

A month after purchasing my new 2001 Hayabusa, I was ready to make some changes. As much as I liked being able to hear the whining of the cams with the factory mufflers, I also enjoy hearing the rumble of a inline-4 engine.
After alot of research, questioning Hayabusa owners with different exhausts, and listening to numerous sound clips, I decided to purchase the Yoshimura RS-3 slip-ons, in titanium. I chose thetitanium set because it more closely matched the aluminum frame and swingarm of my stock bike.
It wasn't long after the 20 minute installation took place that I was firing that engine up to see what I had. WOW!!The rumble at idle was alot deeper than what I thought and when the engine was revved, the Yoshi's really made me smile. Iride with two other guys that also own 'Busasand theylike my Yoshi's better than their FULL systems. One has a full Akropovic 4-1 and the other has a D

Buying Used Diamond Archery Bows Online

Diamond archery was bought out by Bowtech who started selling them
under their name in 2005. This guide currently cover bows from
then on. Bows built by Diamond before Bowtech bought them used
different cams styles and the modules are not available from the
factory. Some sellers will advertise a
of draw length adjustability for a bow, but if the parts aren't
available to change it, you could risk buying a bow that won't be
usable for you.

Beware of sellers telling you that the bow gees with a warrenty.
Diamond warrenties are only to the original owner and are tracked to
that owner by the bow's serial number. If you are not the
original owner, you will not be able to get warrenty repairs on the

Here are a couple of things to look for when buying a Diamond Archery Bow online.

Modules, Cams

Changing and Adding hardware to your computer.


Basic HTML codes

There are many times in blogland or on your listings that you want or need to use HTML codes.
When I first started learning about HTML and the basics of it I never thought I would remember it all. Now most of it gees to me without a cheat-sheet.
So here is a cheat sheet to help you out as well.
These are some basic codes that you can use in yourokay blog or your auction listings.

Test your Knowledge of Vintage Plastic Jewelry

Test your Knowledge of Vintage Plastic Jewelry by Deborah Lyons

True or False?

___1. Sticking a hot pin into a piece of plastic jewelry is a good way to test it.

___2. Black bakelite cannnot be tested.

___3. Lucite is always clear or transparent.

___4. Bakelite can be clear or transparent as well as opaque.

___5. Bakelite cannot be bent.

___6. Black Bakelite jewelry was always intended to be worn while in mourning.

___7. Celluloid floral patterned jewelry was usually molded, not carved.

___8. American Bakelite jewelry was usually signed.

___9. A piece marked Japan or India is likely to be Bakelite.

___10.Galalith, otherwise known as "French Bakelite," is rare.


1. F. Sticking a hot pin into a piece of plastic is dangerous to
the tester and can ruin a good piece of vintage plastic. Test
safely by using hot water (burnt smell), simichrome or 409 (turns

2. F. Most black Bakelite does respond to the above tests, but some does not.

3. F. Lucite can be transparent (clear), translucent, or opaque.

4. T. Bakelite, like lucite, is found in transparent, translucent, or opaque colors.

5. T. Bakelite is not flexible. If a piece is bent it is probably celluloid.

6. F. Mourning jewelry was a Victorian phenomenon, and was mostly out
of fashion by the heyday of Bakelite. Black was simply
fashionable, as it is today.

7. T. Lightweight celluloid bangles with floral patterns in relief are nearly always molded, not carved.

8. F. Hardly any American Bakelite jewelry was signed, especially
bangles. Sometimes there is a signature on the metal findings of
a pin or earrings. This in no way affects the value -- the rarest
pieces are almost never signed.

9. F. Bakelite jewelry does not seem to have been made in Japan or
India, and it rarely carries the name of any country of origin.
Sometimes the metal findings are marked USA or with the name of a
European country. Jewelry marked W. Germany is post-WW II and
generally too late to be Bakelite.

10. T. Galalith, misleadingly called "French Bakelite," is very
ungemon. Most pieces listed as "French Bakelite" are actually
newly made from lucite or other modern plastics.


8-10 A real maven!

7-5 A budding enthusiast!

4-2 Getting started -- enjoy!

1-0 Welgee to the world of vintage plastics!

For more information and lots of great pictures, see Plastic Bangles by Lyn Tortoriello and Deborah Lyons (Schiffer Books, 2005).

Collecting Historic and Rare Newspapers - Part One

The purpose of this guide concerning historic, original, collectible and/or rare newspapers is to answer the three most gemon questions related to the hobby: How you can determine if an issue is authentic, the meaning of gemonly used terms related to the hobby, and why the original issues do not just fall apart.How Can You Determine If An Issue Is Authentic?It was not unusual for newspapers to celebrate the anniversary of an historic event or their inaugural issue by reprinting that issue for their subscribers or the general public. Never meant to deceive, through the years such issues were tucked away in attics and dresser drawers as interesting souvenirs only to be uncovered by distant relatives convinced they found the genuine item.Although only an expert examination can definitively qualify a newspaper as genuine or a reprintand such experts with sufficient knowledge

What is Cloisonne?

Cloisonne jewelry is stunning! But what exactly is cloisonne? Cloisonne pieces are generally brightly colored with beautiful enameling. Cloisonne is a process of making a design with enamel that is in cells with thin wire around the edges of each cell. Cloisonne is used in art nouveau (1895-1910) pieces through mid-twentieth century pieces and on current pieces.
Cloisonne pieces are definately some wonderful pieces to add to your collection.
Some examples below.
Cloisonne trinket box

Contemporary Cloisonne Earrings

If you find my guide helpful please let me know by voting yes. Thanks!